Green Energy Group


Mihaela Cibian

PhD Student

Current Research:  My research project focuses on the synthesis and the characterization of N-hydorxyamidine ligands and their metallic complexes, as suitable candidates for incorporation into supramolecular systems based on coordination chemistry and/or hydrogen bonding. Their photo- and electrochemical properties are studied, the final objective being the investigation of their application in supramolecular photocatalytic systems, as redox mediators (donors/acceptors for electron transfer), and/ or as catalysts (for example for hydrogen production).

Origins:  I was born in the legendary Transylvania (Romania), but I still have doubts if loving ‘Bloody Mary’ makes me a vampire. After 27 years spent in Romania, I came to Québec - Canada to experience a different way of living, a different culture and society. I’ve loved everything form the first moment, and I decided to stay. I’ve recently become a Canadian citizen, being equally proud of both my Romanian origins, and my Canadian infancy.

It was in Romania where I had the chance to meet the person who made me fall in love with CHEMISTRY (my Chemistry teacher during secondary school – Mrs. Arghius). As it is too often the case, unfortunately, I mistakenly gave up this first love. I turned to the more ‘in fashion’ Economics, and I took a degree in International Business at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania. It was a very interesting and valuable experience, which I loved but I wasn’t in love with. It took me to come to Canada to be able to return to my first love: CHEMISTRY, but most of all it took the chance to meet professor Hanan. The experience of working in his group as a summer intern, together with his unique way of guiding without taking your independence, of “leading you to the threshold of your own mind” (in K. Gibran’s words), helped me to gain the courage, the strength and the confidence necessary to try to transform my love for chemistry in a career. I obtained a BSc. in Chemistry at Université de Montréal (UdeM) in 2009, and I continued my MSc. studies at UdeM, in Hanan Group. In 2011, my application for direct passage to PhD was accepted, and I am now a 2nd year PhD Student.

What I like About the group and lab:  EVERYTHING!

My Favorite Things:  Besides chemistry, I love the smell of coffee in the early morning (coffee itself has become an addiction), the long summer evenings, the colours of the autumn and of course my family.