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Daniel Chartrand

Daniel Chartrand

PhD Student

Current Research:  Design, synthesis and characterisation of photocatalytic systems for hydrogen gas production. This implies metal (Rh,Re,Ru, Co, Pt) complexes and organic ligand synthesis; photophysical, electrochemical and structural characterisation of the assemblies and hydrogen photoproduction studies.

Bio:   my B. Sc. was done at U. De M. and graduated in 2006. Nicked named MacGyver by the other students for my knack for fixing things, especially computers. I’m also the official photographer of the group. I had the chance to do a two month internship in a German lab (Sven Rau) in 2010 as part of my research.

Favorite Thing about the Group:  A lot of different characterisation techniques are used, allowing diversifying your research interest in more than just one restricted field. All photophysical, electrochemical and gas chromatography hardware are owned by the group and the X-ray and NMR service at UdeM is fast and excellent. International collaborations allow for opportunities for internships outside and also insure visiting students from abroad bringing new colors and expertise to the group.

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