Green Energy Group

André Bessette

André Bessette

MSc Student

Current Research:  In a context where the world energetic supply is a major issue of the 21st century, development of renewable energy sources is attracting much interest from both the scientific and industrial communities. Through our industrial collaboration with SJPC, we are hoping to discover innovative photoactive molecules based on the Aza-dipyrromethene family of dyes that will be able to convert the sunlight into electricity with high percentage of efficiency once incorporate in real life solar cells.

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Bio:   Born in the great Montréal area, I got interested in sciences since the childhood. After completing my high school degree in an enriched science program at Collège Charles-Lemoyne, I made the International Baccalaureate in Health Sciences at CÉGEP André-Laurendeau from 2004 to 2006 for my college degree.

In 2006, I moved to Université de Sherbrooke to obtain my B. Sc. Coop in Chemistry. Owing to the cooperative program, I was able to do one intern of four months at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, two interns with the R&D team at St-Jean Photochemicals (SJPC) and a last one in the research group of Pr Yue Zhao (UdeS).

At the beginning of 2010, I came back in Montréal to join the group of Pr Garry S. Hanan for my M. Sc. in order to establish an industrial partnership with SJPC for the development of new organometallic materials aimed at photovoltaic applications. I obtained my M. Sc. degree mid-2012 and have since carry on with the project to the Ph. D.

Favorite Thing about the Group:  What I prefer the most of all in the group of Pr Hanan is the opportunity we have to develop skills in many fields of chemistry, such as: organometallic, supramolecular, organic synthesis, catalysis, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, crystallography, and much more…

This is particularly interesting because instead of becoming a specialist in an ultra-fine field of chemistry, we have to open our mind to various concepts and develop aptitudes for the engineering of novel functional materials for specific applications. Since I’ve been exposed yet to many research experiences including the industry, I can easily affirm that the versatility we develop in the group is quite an asset for the job market of the 21st century in chemistry.

My Favorite Things in Life include gastronomy; outdoors activities such as hiking, kayaking, cycling and camping; gatherings with friends and travelling.