Green Energy Group

Baptiste Laramée

Baptiste Laramée

MSc Student

Current Research:  I'm currently working on the design and synthesis of new chromophores containing earth-abundant metals, using coordination chemistry as a powerful tool to generate discrete metallomacrocycles via self-assembly. The photophysical as well as electrochemical properties of such chromophores are then investigated in order to evaluate the light-harvesting properties of the generated materials.


  • Technical degree in analytical chemistry (2006, Collège de Valleyfield)
  • B. Sc. in chemistry 2011, Université de Montréal)

Origins:  French-Canadian, from the south-shore of Montreal

Favorite Thing about the Group:  I'm really glad to work in the Green Energy Group. We have access to a lot of different instruments, the offices and the lab are brand new and the team is really nice. If we have some doubt or question, Garry, or any other member of the group, is always there to give some advice.

My Favorite Things  Music, read, art, museum, theatre, Montreal's festivals