Scientific Collaboration


Pr. Max Massi, Perth, Australia (exchange of students: Brodie Reid)

Pr. Valérie Marvaud, Paris, France (cotutelle PhD : Élodie Rousset)

Pr. Dirk Kurth, Würzburg, Germany

Pr. Sven Rau: Ulm, Germany (exchange of students: François Laverdière and Daniel Chartrand)

Pr. Ken Sakai: Kyushu, Japan (exchange of students: Marie-Pierre Santoni et Mihaela Cibian)

Pr. Sebastiano Campagna, Messina, Italy (Pr. Campagna visits in 2011)

Pr. Makoto Fujita, University of Tokyo, Japan (exchange of students: Baptiste Laramée-Milette)


Annual Symposium of Inorganic Chemistry of Québec (Mauricie National Park 2013)

International summer school of "supramoleculaire chemistry (Calgary in 2013)"

Canadian society of chemistry annual conference “(Québec in 2013)”

Inorganic Discussion Weekend (York University, Toronto in 2013)

Symposia and conferences sponsored by the Centres for Self-Assembled Chemical Structure (CSACS) and Green Chemistry and Catalysis (CGCC) “(Montreal, 2013)”

Solar energy Gordon Conference “(Ventura, California in 2014)”

“International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (Singapore in 2014)”

“International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (Singapore in 2014)”