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Amlan Pal

Amlan Pal

PhD Student

Current Research:  I'm currently working on the design and synthesis of new light-harvesting chromophores (containing 1st and 2nd row transition metals), which are assembled into discrete species in a definite geometry (for example, triangles, squares, or hexagons), using coordination chemistry. In combination with the study of photophysical and electrochemical properties, these supramolecular assemblies are especially important in host-guest chemistry and in the mediation of reactions in their cavities.


  • B. Sc. in chemistry 2006 (Burdwan University)
  • M. Sc. in chemistry 2008 (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras)

Another part of my project concentrates on the novel synthesis, characterisation and photophysical studies of amidines and tetramidinate dirhodium complexes.

Origins:  Indian (from Kolkata)

Favorite Thing about the Group:  Working in Garry's group and in UdeM gives me the pleasure of learning many different branches of Chemistry including a variety of characterisation techniques. Our lab atmosphere is very friendly and co-operative. Visiting many different places for scientific seminars and conferences with the group is also something that I appreciate.

My Favorite Things  Reading, music, playing harmonica, hiking and cricket.