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Brodie Reid>

Brodie Reid

PhD Exchange Student (Australia - Canada)

Current Research:  

My PhD research focuses on the synthesis of new lanthanide complexes which are emissive in the visible and infra - red regions by efficient ligand sensitization. This entails strategic design of sensitizing ligands to ensure the efficacy of the energy transfer from ligand to the lanthanide. Ligand design is primarily based on the diketonate class of molecule as well as structural derivatives including N - hydroxyamindines which are prepared in the Hanan group.

Bio:   I was born in the most isolated city in the world; Perth, Australia. In Perth I have finished all of my schooling to date, with the final achievements being a BSc/Chemistry and BSc/1A Chemistry Honours, at Curtin University. I am currently studying a PhD at Curtin University under the joint supervision of Dr. Massimiliano Massi,and Prof. Mark Ogden. From January to August, in 2013, I have undergone a stay of research by exchange at the University of Montreal, with the supervision of Prof. Garry Hanan.

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